Green the Future Programme

About Us

We are a vibrant, youth-led organization committed to nurturing resilience in communities. Our mission is to bridge the gap between indigenous knowledge and scientific understanding, harnessing the power of both to address the challenges posed by climate change through innovative strategies.


A well protected environment inhabited by dignified people with sustainable livelihoods


We strive for greener and sustainable future, community empowerment and sustainable livelihood using environmental protection and conservation as entry point.

Our Impact

Young people from different backgrounds have a huge impact on us and all our activities.
  • We have raised awareness on climate change adaptation and mitigation for 140 youths from Kipkomo Sub-County West Pokot County
  • We have worked with 10 youth groups in establishing tree nurseries to ensure availability of enough and variety tree seedlings.
  • We’ve planted more than 1000 trees in Primary schools and facilitated establishment of environmental clubs in those primary schools recruiting 300 pupils

Our numbers that speak

We have numbers that push us to give in our best and make sure that we break our own records. We are happy to be growing and helping more day by day.
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Trees Planted
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Pupils involved
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Schools Reached
Environmental Clubs
Our Projects

Tree nursery

We have our own tree nursery project where we get tree seedlings to plant in our activities. It also acts a lesson and as an example to the community.

Tree planting in schools

We have selected more than 50 schools to plant tree seedlings and establish or enhance environmental clubs.

Food Security

We educate communities on environmental sustainable agriculture to ensure food security is achieved.

Raising Awareness among youth on Climate Change

Sensitizing youth on climate change adaptation and mitigation, while encouraging them to plant trees.

Green Technology

Through our youth network we are creating various tailor-made innovations to speed climate change adaptation. Our recent Project is developing a mobile application to support communities living in ASAL areas.

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